Mindful Monday 128# – Laugh

I have been working a live event since Thursday. (Examples of live events are concerts, conferences, seminar, conventions etc.)

This is the third event I have done in my career and it’s different then what I am used to from a movie production stand point.

There have been moments of frustration and confusion do to lack of communication. This experience has shown light on my strengths as an effective planner and my efficiently with time management.

These past few days are some of the longest days I have worked in years, but there has been laugher.

Laughter is light in life and a must to help bring you up in hard moments. I am lucky to have a friend who knows the right time to joke to bring me up when our conversations get heavy.

At this event, it’s nice to work with a cool team of people who have a sense of humor and make the long hours, frustration and confusion easier to swallow.

Today’s mindfulness quote is on laughter.  May you have laughter in your life today and always.


Love & Laughter,

Stephanie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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