I’m Thankful for: Infinity

Yesterday was an energizing day.

I had trouble going to sleep last night and today I woke up before my alarm with residual energy. I feel fantastic.

It takes just one thought, one moment or one person to turn everything around for you. For women, we are raised to believe within our families or though society that the person that will turn our life around is a romantic partner. This belief is the foundation of romantic comedies. Some women and men are waiting for their prince charming or princess to come.

Life is made of several moments and there are several people that cross our paths on a daily basis that can offer us gift, if we are open to them.

I have met mentors, friends, bosses and strangers that have shown light, in a way that only they can shine, on my career, my journey and myself.

Some of my biggest realizations have come from strangers I met in passing. I could have missed these gems if I was not open to life or mindfully aware.

Today I am thankful for infinity. There are infinite possibilities for our lives, our careers and the people we meet. Relinquish your need to control every detail.

Letting go and surrendering to your life is hard. I’ve done it. It gets easier. I still have my moments of resistance. I had many moments of frustration this summer, but I kept going because I knew there was a lesson in the struggle. Each struggle I had this summer, came paired with a person that helped me understand.

Life is working for you and it wants to be your teammate, you just need to open out your hands to receive the gifts it has in store for you.

Today, believe in infinity and open up your hearts, minds and life just a little more to let a more love, positivity, light and life into each.

Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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