Mindful Monday #129 – Stillness

I am blissful and filled with energy. I want to dance and sing, just to express this unlimited energy that I hold. Words can not quite describe what I am experiencing in my heart.

I attended a group meditation last Wednesday and it connected several questions I had over this past year which brought total peace to my heart.

A deeper awareness and stillness has since shown through me and even in conflict, I remained noticeably calm and still.

The student (me) is becoming the teacher. (Yay!)

The stillness we can experience in meditation is the type of stillness I am experiencing every day for the whole day. Yes, this peace is consistently present all day. I am on day five of this calm, still experience. It’s beautiful and humbling.

I did not know I was capable of this awesome state of being, but now I know I am.

If there is anything I want you to take from this blog it is the following: My wish on this day and every day forward is that your heart inches a little closer and closer towards this peace and stillness that is both energizing and freeing. You will be giving yourself the greatest gift that you deserve.

Today’s quote is on this awesome state of mine/ mind.


Love (from my ever expanding heart) – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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