Women & the Solar Plexus

One intention for my two month writing hiatus was to deepen my spirituality. I started reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. A friend suggested the book last September and it intrigued me. I got the book in December, but I waited for the right time to read it.

This book is one of my top, if not all time favorite self-help, spiritual books. I had to stop reading the book since it was deeply impacting me. I have not picked up the book since. With each chapter a flood of people came to mind: friends, family, teens I have worked through service, strangers and people in other countries that I may never know. One root of societies problems (there are several) is in the 3rd Chakra aka the solar plexus.

This chakra is the center of our will, personal power and belief that we can achieve our dreams. We are all born with equal amounts of personal power. Through our family or community we either become excessive and rigid and seek to take power from others. Or we go the opposite direction and through the need for approval and love we willingly give our power away. Or in some cases through power structures (i.e. parent-child, man-woman, high status-low status, society – individual), we are forced to give away our power. Our global society is at odds because of the fight for power.

Power isn’t something to be won. If you try to win power, you automatically lose. Power is something we all can have together, but we do not yet know how to live in that world of true equality.

Another aspect of the solar plexus is energy. I meditated on energy for the month of April. The meditation was extended into May, and the topic resurfaced in June and it’s been present since. This year I have been getting sick on and off and it’s in relation to my energy. I am very nurturing, caring and loving and what I learned in June is that I am giving too much of my energy away and not saving any for myself.

As a result, while I am back from my two-month hiatus, I have changed the way I interact with people. I realized how much of an introvert I am, and while I am becoming more of an extrovert in the moment, I have to counter that amount of energy with more personal space and rest. I also learned realized during my hiatus that when I am idle and in solitude, I gain most of my spiritual insights.

During a woman’s meditation this August, one area of focus for several women was their energy and setting up boundaries to preserve their energy and personal space. Boundaries and self-preservation is a counter-narrative to women as nurtures and mothers.

Even mother earth is fading and hurting at all the ways we have taken from her, yet rarely give back to her nor do we express gratitude for her.

This past weekend, I attended a two day conference. There were three women that I talked to and advised who were facing issues that are rooted in the solar plexus. All three older women were worn down and wanted to leave different situations in their life, but felt powerless to do so and worried about what others would think of them. I assured them that they have more power and strength then they give themselves credit for and that they are worthy of their own love, time and attention. Each woman left me a little calmer then when we met.

Why was I meeting all these women? Why was the solar plexus coming up so often? I feel the universe wanted to show me the woman I could become if I did not focus on my energy now. In each case, the advice I gave to them was the advice I gave to myself. And finally, it was meeting these women and coupled with my meditation on energy that helped me finally own my personal power this week in a way that I have never done.

As women, we are asked, told and expected to be everything. In order to do it all (only if you want to do it all) you must take care of yourself first, honor your power, renew your energy and take all the rest you need.

Much Love – Stephanie XO




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