Mindful Monday #130 – Internal Happiness

I’m happy.

I don’t need to exclaim this emotion. Exclamations are fleeting. Emotions, in their natural uninhibited state, flow through us and change with our inner tides.

This happiness that I am living is an experience. I am amazed with how fresh it feels and how consistent it is in my life. Even after two life hiccups, happiness has shown through and made the hiccups feel so small.

Happiness feels like my new center and new way of being.


I meditated on love this past February and I asked love to show me what I do not know about it. What came was my awareness that love is always around us and has always been present even when we don’t feel it. It has such a depth and wisdom too. That knowing helped me unlock my well of happiness inside me. (Later I found my well of love inside me too.) Finding that well was a calming, temporary state of euphoria that is far different then how my heart feels.

We are raised to believe that getting to a certain place in life, having a certain status, career title or having certain external things will be the factors that make us happy. But anything external is all temporary and variables that we can not control.

The only person who should hold your happiness is you. True, consistent happiness is an inside job.

The new sense of deep, consistent happiness is a by product of going towards my fears and addressing anything I found within them and facing hard truths about myself and my relationships. Learning to let go and surrender have been the most challenging gifts, that I have embraced.

For Happiness to be your way of life, work on letting go of everything that does not serve you regardless of what you have attached to (or invested in) those external factors.

Today may you begin the process of going towards your deep sense of happiness as a way of life.


Love – Stephanie XO


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