Mindful Monday #131 – Radical Acceptance

The way I talk about life anymore sounds like a Hallmark card.

I have expressed so much gratitude about life and it’s beauty, to my friends, family and the universe.

While I speak, I find myself assessing my words and comparing them to the old way I used to talk about life. My words were once limited and have become expansive and intentional.

When did my words change?

My life has been a series of gradual transitions these past four years, but at times they felt very staccato. I’m currently in a place, in life, that I never imagined for myself. It really never, ever crossed my mind.

I am at peace because I have come to a place of acceptance of my life, where it is and where it is headed.

I am not fighting my next career step, which at one time felt counter intuitive, now feels necessary to give me more freedom down the road. I came to this peace through my meditation practice.

I see my life so clearly. There is more progress to be made towards the bigger life I want, but I am deeply happy here. I am truly enjoying what is and I am thankful for all the work and patience that got me here.

One of my hardest lessons to learn was to let go and eventually surrender. What I am coming to understand is that you can not fully let go or surrender until you have reached a level of acceptance to what you are releasing. All that I have released up to now did not come without pain, there were tears, fears and struggle with each step.

I feel I can let go of anything without any attachment to it almost like cleaning up the yard of fallen leaves. The best part of all, is that for the first time, I am starting to see not the fruits of my labor, but the garden I have been building this whole time without my awareness. It is extraordinary.

Life and your relationship to it, can change in a moment, but only if you believe in your heart that you can have more, that you are worthy, if you do the work and are patient.


Happy Monday!

-Love Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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