Wisdom Wednesday #70 – Why Do We Do What We Do?

Happy Wednesday!

This summer I started reading a book called Eastern Body, Western Mind.

The book details psychological human development with the chakra system. It is one of my all time favorite books. I had to stop reading because of the depth of it’s truth.

This weekend, I reopened the book and started to re-read the chapter on the Heart Chakra (which I plan to write about soon). My understanding has deepened, since I last read that chapter, because of what Love has taught me.

In February, I did a month long meditation on Love. I asked love to teach me what I do not know about it. Love has since followed me around like a guide. I took courses and did guided meditations on the topic to strengthen my relationship and understanding to it.

In one workshop, I finally grasped how our development translates into how we relate to love and to our romantic partners. As a result of this understanding, I have deeper compassion for others.

In acting, one area of focus that is discussed is defining a characters wants/ needs because it defines why they make the choices they make. The way a character speaks to one person will be different then how they speak to another based on their want. For example if you want love from one person and power from another that will dictate how you communicate and relate to them. Are they trying to seduce, belittle, manipulate or speak with love to someone etc. to get their want?

This is how we are as humans, we make choices based on our wants/ needs which translates into our words/actions. Sometimes our choices and actions hurt us in ways that we are not most often unaware of in the moment.

Today’s wisdom is a video on the topic that brings humor to a sometimes hard truth.


Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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