I’m Thankful For: Beautiful Strangers

This year has been very different then previous years.

Ever since I got sick in November 2015, my focus has gone inward more than ever before. At first glance I thought it was to focus on my health.

This summer when I was on a two month hiatus to write and lead a writing workshop, I felt it would be the best time to focus my undivided attention on my health. I started meditating consistently again. I changed my diet toward an alkaline diet (as a way of life). I started my yoga practice again, I moved up a level of intensity and practiced 5 days a week. I lost weight, my body has gotten stronger and I have more energy.

In May, while at a networking event a woman told me to “Lead with your energy.” Because of her advice, I did a meditation on Energy for a month. Energy has more to teach me, it showed up in June and keeps showing up everywhere I turn. This is where my focus has needed to be this whole time.

I have learned a lot about energy. My next task is to focus on where I allocate my energy both mental, emotional and physical. I also need to identify the methods I use to restore my energy that I give away.

How do you measure the extent of the energy you put into work, relationships, thoughts etc? If you know how, please let me know because this really perplexes me? The best thing I know how to do is troubleshoot this concept in my life to see what works for me.

A chapter in my life closed in August, and I have been reflecting on the year since. One of my personal traditions for Thanksgiving is to thank people who have impacted my life for the current year. I usually come up with a preliminary list between now and late October. Usually names pop into my mind, but not this year.


This year has been defined by the strangers I have met while I have dug deeper to know and understand myself better.

The speaker who looked directly into my eyes, to offer a piece of healing days after I walked away from a potential romantic relationship and was hurting.

It’s the woman at the conference I went to, who told me I am already doing the work I want to do.

It’s the woman at the workshop I attended that held space for me to uncover my deepest fear that would scare me to death and evoke anger in me to fight for my life.

It’s the man I met at a meditation who gave me sound advice on a career opportunity.

It’s the instructor who taught me valuable knowledge on how we relate to each other in romantic relationships.

This list is a small glimpse of all the strangers I have encountered this year that helped me.

As I ventured on my own, I was never alone. I don’t mean in the spiritual sense. There were kind, beautiful strangers, that helped me dig even deeper, understand or offered perspective every time I needed it.

I may never see any of these people ever again. I did thank people as they helped me. I knew the weight of what they told me was life changing because it changed or expanded my perspective. I felt the shift within me.

The world feels isolating and cold more often, yet I experienced a warmth among strangers that I do not recall feeling since I was a child. I am thankful for love that is present in my life that continues to expand.

Have you had any moments this year, where a stranger helped you in a way that has changed your thoughts, perspective or life?  Please share.

Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve never heard of him, but I’ll check his books out. Thank you!

  2. candidkay says:

    I don’t know if you have read Paul Selig’s books, but they center on energy. You have to be open to the concept that we are all made of energy and that the world is made of energy. If you agree with those basic tenets, his channeled books are eye openers. Start with I Am the Word, which is his first. I am reading them now and they are so life changing.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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