Mindful Monday #132 – Count Your Blessings

This year has been epic with the depth and rate of my growth. I feel tired all the time as a result of all the inner work I am doing.

I am currently in a place in life of experiencing a reality I never knew possible.

My current state from a distance, with my old awareness lens, at one time looked like a fantasy or something that could be only obtained at a certain age or by a limited few.

I have so much peace in my life and I calm. My tools of choice are faith, trust and patience. All are three are intangible, and were obtained or understood after I fought and resisted them.

Now with new eyes, I see all the blessings that I am provided on a daily basis. Counting your blessings, to me are the same as expressing gratitude for the good in your life.

Today’s Mindful Monday is about the daily blessings that our eyes can miss if we are not looking or not present.



I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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