Tired, Worn Eyes

I keep seeing her eyes.

They were tired, worn and weak.


There was so much emotion behind them. I could only imagine she expressed her emotions alone and in silence. If she expressed them at all?

I stood in silence as people offered advice to her.

Something weighed so heavily on her and I could visibly see it. It was almost like she was dying. I’m not sure if anyone else could see it? No one else addressed it.

Based on limited information she shared, I could sense that her story was the essence of my own. I finally spoke and spoke directly to her heart. I captured everyones attention.  It was like I had seen her in a way that no one had seen her before. I wanted to retreat back to my silence, but my voice was already heard and I was now invested.

I went silent again as people continued to offer advice, at times it felt like they were stabbing at a moving target. I only interjected when they gave her miss information. I advised her a little more and then we all got lost in the crowd.

Before I knew it she found me and told me her secret, without me having to ask. She put to words what I could see in her eyes and feel in her energy. It was heavy and getting heavier the more she revealed.

The amount of strength she needed to hold her secret in is great because of the great lengths she has gone to protect it.

“You have to tell someone.” I told her. “You shouldn’t have to carry this on your own.”

We all have stories and secrets that we carry with us that we feel define us or allow them to define us. It’s through the arts therapy non-profit that I work with and the writing workshops that I teach that help people dig deeper and uncover the stories that are gasping for air. Stories that want light to shine on their darkness.

The classes and workshops I take and conferences I attend are my desire to gain the needed tools to help me as a writer and developing speaker so I can aide in lightening the loads of the people I encounter.

This year has been rough at a soul level because becoming spiritually strong is exhausting. I need rest now more than ever. The sensitivity I once had as a child has resurfaced and is here to stay. I have healed a good part of myself from beliefs, pains or past hurts. The majority of my energy flows through my emotions and it’s helped me deepen my writing and deepen my relationships.

My meditation on energy brought me to this new level of awareness.

Today please consider sharing your story with someone you trust. You do not need to suffer in your own silence or let a belief you had in your mind cage you and keep you from leading a bigger, better, love filled life.

Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. Agreed. It appeared that they were not fully listening to what she was saying nor did they really see her.

  2. candidkay says:

    Oh, the weight of our well-meaning advice. Most of it from people who don’t have a clue. Sigh.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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