Wisdom #71 – Life’s Natural Rhythm

My birthday was this past Wednesday.

I had no expectations for the day. I made no special birthday plans this year and my day was filled with many surprises and reconnections from friends I have not seen in 10 years. My heart was warmed and filled with love as I felt everyone’s love pour into my day to make it one of the best birthdays I’ve had to date.

Each year as my birthday approaches I naturally begin to reflect on my current year and what an amazing year I have had. It’s beautiful the way our seasons parallel the year.

Naturally as fall comes near and trees shed their leaves, we are asked to reflect and in some cases shed old beliefs, habits, relationships, work or anything that isn’t working for us.

Winter is the time where our exposed, fragile self can rest. While we may be more idle in the winter, like the butterfly in it’s cocoon, our bodies are actually growing stronger (if we allow it) and preparing our bodies or our lives for the year to come.

I keep thinking of the people I have meet this year, who have deeply impacted my heart. What I am starting to see at a micro level, which I feel is a sample of the macro level of society, is that we don’t know just how beautiful and wise we are. It’s not at the fault of our parents or their parents etc.

How we have operated as a society has put less importance on the beauty of the individual and our natural wisdom.

Our bodies know when to wake, when to sleep, when to rest, but often we drown out it’s voice and don’t hear it.
Today’s wisdom from the DailyOm titled Natural Rhythm talks about our bodies natural rhythm. Slow down your pace to the pace that best serves you from moment to moment.

Life’s Natural Rhythm
Universal Timing

Slowing down and listening to your own natural rhythm can quickly connect you to the Universe.

Nature’s natural rhythms orchestrate when day turns to night, when flowers must bloom, and provides the cue for when it is time for red and brown leaves to fall from trees. As human beings, our own inner rhythm is attuned to this universal sense of timing. Guided by the rising and setting of the sun, changes in temperature, and our own internal rhythm, we know when it is time to sleep, eat, or be active. While our minds and spirits are free to focus on other pursuits, our breath and our heartbeat are always there to remind us of life’s pulsing rhythm that moves within and around us.

Moving to this rhythm, we know when it is time to stop working and when to rest. Pushing our bodies to work beyond their natural rhythm diminishes our ability to renew and recharge. A feeling much like jet lag lets us know when we’ve overridden our own natural rhythm. When we feel the frantic calls of all we want to accomplish impelling us to move faster than is natural for us, we may want to breathe deeply instead and look at nature moving to its own organic timing: birds flying south, leaves shedding, or snow falling. A walk in nature can also let us re-attune is to her organic rhythm, while allowing us to move back in time with our own. When we move to our natural rhythm, we can achieve all we need to do with less effort.

We may even notice that our soul moves to its own internal, natural rhythm – especially when it comes to our personal evolution. Comparing ourselves to others is unnecessary. Our best guide is to move to our own internal timing, while keeping time with the rhythm of nature.

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  1. Thank you! I love it when life provides you with what you need in this case it is the reminder for self care. I hope you are feeling better rested and have more energy.

  2. candidkay says:

    Beautifully expressed! And perfectly timed, for me, as my body has been tired beyond belief this week. I’ve been listening and resting but it wants more. You’ve reminded me that’s just part of the natural rhythm of things. Thank you.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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