Mindful Monday #134 – Moving Forward

My bags are packed and I am moving forward.

I have been packing light these days. I never realized the weight of the bags, or the that I was carrying bags prior to my unfolding awareness. I never thought I would become an established traveler, nor did I ever see a need to travel prior to 2013.

The weight of stale friendships, limiting beliefs, expectations of what I should have, what I thought I should be or how I should be which once weighted on me and at times stole my happiness are all behind me.

This isn’t me affirming something to myself that I need to hear. Or saying it for admiration either. This is me declaring with joy that I have made it somewhere that I don’t have the words to define and for that I am excited.

I am in a new territory that I have never been and I am excited what I will discover here and who I will meet here and who will meet me here.

As I celebrated my birthday this weekend, I felt victorious. I locked the door for the last chapter of my life and I only have one light bag that I am carrying with me that holds all that I have learned. I feel like I am on a clean slate.

This is the first birthday of my life where my fear is like a light mist, you can see it and feel it, but it’s nothing that will hold me back. This is the first year that my goals presented themselves to me. I was able to name all my goals with certainty of what I want for my life for the coming year and the next 7 years. I am already working on what steps I need to take to achieve them.

This place is all new to me and I am so thankful.

Today’s Mindful Monday quote will focus on the beauty of moving on and what you find if/ when you choose to carry only the essential things that you need.


With Deep Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Paulo Coelho is one of my favorites.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This quote is amazingly powerful. So simple of words with such profound meaning… the cathedrals are resounding with the power of the new hello!

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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