Mindful Monday #135 – Meet Someone New

My best friend, Brother Teddy, and I have a lot of traditions that we have established since we first moved to LA.

When we first moved, we were both adjusting to all things new. He transferred to university and started his upper division classes while I started my first job out here. Traffic was an adjustment and the drive to work was a two hour time block out of my long were day. Our schedules were new and demanding and the new city was so different from our home city. We hardly saw each other in the first four months when we moved.

Trips to Malibu were a nice break from all things new. I would meet him in Malibu, which was well out of the way from where I lived, while he was working on homework, so we could spend time together and catch up in person.

Since then, we continue to enjoy the peaceful, scenic drive, just as much as we enjoy spending time there. This past Sunday was no different. I looked forward to this time with him, because the busier our lives get, the more challenging it becomes to coordinate our schedules.

Brother Teddy is one of only two friends that I have consistently talked to from month to month this year. The rest of my year was filled with new people. While one can see this as a place of isolation and sadness, my life has become richer because of all the new.

I have recently set the intention to reconnect with friends, deepen new friendships and maintain space to bring new people to my life. I want to be surrounded by balanced friendships where we can learn and grow together.

These past few weeks I have met people who I feel will be a part of my life for this next phase that I stepped into on my birthday.

I am thankful I have become a person that is not as reserved as I was from the majority of my life in public spaces. I am showing my friend-self (the person I am with my friends i.e. my authentic self) to strangers. I no longer feel the need to filter my words or actions as much as I used to, which makes it easier for people to connect with me and settle into my presence even quicker.

Today, make space in your life for the new… friendship, love, work, community.


Love, Stephanie – XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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