Wisdom #72 – How Wolves Change Rivers

Today’s wisdom is engaging and informative, and a beautiful metaphor.

In 13 days, our country will cast its vote for the President of the United States. Will you vote?  I plan to vote. Many of friends and co-workers plan to vote as well. I live in a bubble of people who care about politics and world issues. I know my bubble is not representative of the general population.

The common thing I have heard throughout my life is “my vote doesn’t count” or “my voice doesn’t matter.” Election aside people feel like this on a daily basis, “I don’t matter, my life doesn’t matter and what they do on a daily basis has no impact on anyone”.

If we all lived in a vacuum then our lives would have no impact on the lives of others. We are a society of deep interconnections that make life a delicate balance. If our lives, voices or actions didn’t matter, we would have far less people in therapy.

We are shaped by people we encounter and shape the people we encounter. What we say, how we act and what we do does have an impact.

Today’s video titled “How the Wolves Change Rivers” shows the delicate balance that is our interconnected world. Introducing wolves back into Yellowstone National Park in 1995 changed the park in ways that could not have been anticipated. “We know that wolves kill various specious of animals. Perhaps we were slightly less aware that they give life to many others.”

Like our our vote, our life, our vision, we can change our world in ways we never anticipated. You as you are, with your voice and your actions matter. We are all interconnected and we each have a pull in how we change or shape our world.

Don’t tap out.

Love – Stephanie XOXO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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