Mindful Meditation #138 – Live in Nonresistance

My life is accelerating… all at once. I can hardly catch my breath. I hardly have enough time to rest.

I feel like I am being pushed and pulled at the same time and in the same direction. I have never been in this space before. I have been pushed or pulled, but never at the same time. Is this what non-resistance feels like?

Life is leading me with it’s pull, and guiding me with a gentle, noticeable push.

I’m not questioning it. I’m not questioning if I am worthy of it. I know I am worthy of it. I’m not questioning if I am ready for it. I know I am ready for it, because I have done the work. The time I have been preparing for this past year and these past three years, is on the horizon.

Today I would like us to consider non-resistance to the direction of our life, to what we know is best for us in our hearts and to the life that is calling us at night in our dreams.

Live in non-resistance to what is in this moment and see what comes to you.

Love – Stephanie, XO