I Believe in You.

I wish I could reach out of this blog post and give you a warm bear hug.

I have such sadness in my heart. I’m so very disappointed. I feel like I’m mourning the loss of a dear friend or a close relative. I feel like our ancestors are crying soulfully on another plane.

I always look for light and hope or a new perspective in any struggle I have in my life. So please consider this:

During a meditation I did this year on love, I discovered that love is all around us. It’s always been present, even when we don’t feel it from our families or friends. Love is a constant. Within each of us exists an endless supply of love. 

Love is a bonding agent and it gives strength to others that feel they do not have the strength to go on. We need to come together more in love and hope, honor our ancestors, and be a true tribe of people that help each other.

Fear is an illusion, that we often let take over our lives. It keeps us small. If you give into your fear, it does no one any good. We have learned that fear, a lot of fear, both real an imagined, brought us here.

Lead with love in every thought, word and action. Love is the light that will guide our way.

I believe in you, your strength, your voice, your personal power and your ability to love.


With deep love – Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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