Mindful Monday #139 – Baby Steps

It’s Monday! I have a week left of wrap on my current movie. Then I am unemployed the rest of the year until the next movie comes my way.

I plan to use my down time to write and redirect aspects of my life towards my bigger picture.

Working a freelance life takes discipline. You have to budget your money when you are working, so that you have money to live when you are not working.

You can not be idle with this type of life, because you need to think about your next life step or career move. In an odd way, the freelance entertainment industry has taught me a lot more about how to use time effectively.

I’ve always been an effective planner and goal setter, but I’ve become even more efficient. The industry has taught me how much can get accomplished in one day. That knowledge, helps me plan my free time so I get more out of it. I schedule errands, yoga, lunches/ dinners, rest and writing so I have time to do them all.

There are the occasional weekends when I choose to sleep in, stay in or be spontaneous. We all need days to free form our life and live fully in the moment. But, many of us also need a little more structure in our lives or a little more self discipline.

I was at a cookie decorating party this weekend and I met someone who is in a 3 year rut. He has been working in the same job and the same position for three years. With all his best efforts, he tried to change his role with the company he works for, he has tried to get promoted and has applied to jobs outside the company, but nothing has worked. He doesn’t like work, needs to quit his job, but doesn’t want to apply for more jobs so he stays.

“This is as good as it gets for me” or “this is how it will always be,” is what he was telling me with out directly telling me. His language and over all mindset are weighing him down and keeping him small. I tried to point this out to him, but he was too blind and comfortable in his current mindset.

The more I meander and wander in places that are new to me, the more people I meet who feel stuck. While quitting your job today may be exactly what you need, I know that it is a huge financial risk. Not everyone is in a position to take big risks, yet. Noticed that I said yet.

There will come a point in your future where everything will be right for you to take your biggest risk. Until that day comes, what small step can you take today to make your day a little better than yesterday?


Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. Shasta says:

    Love this!! Keep writing Steph! I love watching the steps of your writing improving! Work that muscle girl!!

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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