Mindful Monday #140 – Define Happiness

As kids we dream big.

What adults see as abstract and impossible, is possible to to a child. As kids, we want to be mothers, teachers, hair dressers, doctors, lawyer, waiters, dancers and zoologist.

We never once doubt our dreams or think of the steps it will take to get us there. We simply dream.

As kids, when we dream, we don’t think of the status of the professions we choose. Who we need to befriend, who we feel we need to be and what we need to do to get to where we want to be. We simply dream.

We want our dreams for our own enjoyment and our own desires.

At what point in our lives do our dreams shift? When do they become impossible? When do we think about our social status? When do we care about how we are judged? When do our wants become the wants of others? Did we ever dream for ourselves at all?

This year, I have found myself among various people who have been confused, stuck and lost. It’s hard to see the tired eyes or worn down faces and meet them within their struggle. I don’t feel capable to help often, but I want to help because I care.

During a season that is about love and family, I know there are people that are alone or feel alone and unloved. That feeling of being alone can come from a feeling of being unhappy.

Today, I invite you to meditate on your happiness. Are you happy now? What makes you happy? What brings you joy? When was the last time you were happy? Have you been pursuing happiness or acceptance?

Next, I invite you to define your happiness.

Finally, meditate on today’s mindful Monday quote.








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