Outlook 2017: The Cards are on the Table

 2016 was a tough year, if not the toughest, for so many people.

Many negative comments regarding 2016 have populated my personal facebook feed for the past month. Never before have so many people wanted a year to be done so badly.

It’s like 2016 was a bully, in actuality it was the year of truth.

From a numerology standpoint 2016, is a 9 year. A 9 year is the end of a 9 year cycle. It’s intention is to wrap up any loose ends or complete anything that has been left undone.

While it slams doors that we do not close on our own, it also preps us to begin the next 9 year journey.

Any illusions we had about gender relations, economic status, race/ethnic relations, environment, business and community have been pulled from us. We have been brought out of any darkness, with the light shining brightly on the world and communities that we building. The last bit of innocence that we had from childhood was taken from us this year.

We stand before the truth with the cards on the table.

Never before will we approach a year with so much foresight. 2016 allowed us to see exactly where we are so that we have a good idea of what is coming or where we are headed, so we can take the appropriate steps to guide our communities as a whole. We will be ending 2016 in two days, with so much on the table for us to work with and be a part of for an amazing 2017.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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