A Place I Never Imagined

Home get’s better and better with each visit.

I visited my childhood home for the holidays as I do each year.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, each time I visited home, I wanted to spend more time with friends over my family. I was young and still very connected to my home town community. Overtime my connection to my friends changed or faded as we grew older.

Now that I am older, I prefer to spend more time with family over friends. I seek to savor the time with family because I know my parents won’t be around forever.

Home as I know it is on the verge of change. A part or all of family may uproot to one or more new cities in different states to pursue opportunities.

During this specific home, I found myself savoring each moment I spent with family and friends. Each drive I took around my home town, felt more final. The memories of places I once frequented and loved felt more distant. While I loved being home, it was challenging for many reasons.

Home, my childhood home, has been a constant in my ever changing life since I took my leap of faith. Now “home” it is shifting to something new. I embrace the change, but I am in a place I never imagined. Life has a way of putting us in these places and perhaps I see them and feel them more because I am more mindful?

The central thought in my mind is will I find or build a home of my own or will I always be a constant traveler?

Right now…I feel Spirit calls me to wander because there is so much I want to learn to build the business of my dreams.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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