Mindful Monday #143 – When Dreams Fall Short

I start a new feature in a week.

I got back in town a week ago, and I have been focused on building a new foundation. I‘m developing and re-visioning a morning and night routine as well as daily mindfulness rituals that will work with my work schedule.

I have also kick started my yoga practice for the year by taking classes every day or twice a day. I am listening to my body and balancing between strength and cardio classes and gentle and calming/ meditative / restorative classes. My body is strong and I love how I feel.

In a class I took last week I learned that one of my instructors was a musician, but things didn’t work out for his career. Now he is a yoga teacher, a husband, a father and many more things that I do not know about him.

When my instructor shared his story the following thought came to me:

Sometimes the dream that you want for ourself may not work out. The dream that died or fell short did it’s work to prepare you for the dream that you couldn’t believe for yourself because of it’s scale or your belief in your ability to pursue or achieve it. 

I have friend who moved to Los Angeles over 10 years ago. He became a musician on the rise and when his band was about to “make it” it fell apart. This was a regret he carried with him because he focused on could have been. He never gave up.

This friend is also a writer. He has written consistently since I’ve known him. He moved out here to be a writer in the first place, but it was music that was his first love. He experienced that dream, while it fell short, it prepared him for a bigger dream. His dream to be a writer came true because he now writes for the show Pitch.

If or when dream that you want for yourself does not work out in any way, take a mindful step back and without judgement, on you or anyone else, reassess if there is another direction you need to go towards. Is there a new dream that is trying to be seen, heard or felt by you?

Remember, life always works out, but not in the ways that we envision for ourself.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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