A Leader will Emerge

We are at the start of something new. Change can be difficult. Many long for days past.

Those who live in the past or deeply try to hold on to what was are missing the essence of life.

Life is constant change.

Life never holds on to the past, if it did we would just be ocean and land. Life knows what is best for it so it moves forward. When life has a rainy day, it doesn’t call in sick, it moves forward. When life gets hard, it doesn’t kill itself, it moves forward.

Along with life, the seasons change, weather patterns change, land changes and water flows. Water never chooses one environment over another; it moves through each environment being both shaped by the land and it shapes the land.

Humans, with or without the consent of individual, also change. You can plead with life as much as you want, but you will move through your childhood, adulthood and midlife. Your body will change with each chapter of your life, each thought and each experience. Those around you will also change and thus your relationships and work will change based on your needs and the needs of the community.

Regardless of how much you resist and talk your mind into believing that you can have days past, you can never hold on to what was unless you live in an isolated bubble.

Anxieties have been running very high among many of my communities. Online I see so much fear. There is a lot back steps that are being made so quickly as a result of peoples resistance to change and wanting to hold onto old habits and beliefs.

We are at calm before the storm. My red flag meters are running high, yet I am calm.

A friend called me the other day to vent and talk about all the change that is occurring within the US.  In the middle of the conversation she realized, she calls me often to release her fears during this wave of change.

I told her:

Don’t be afraid. Leaders emerge during times like these.


Martin Luther King came in to leadership from the injustices as a result of segregation. Cesar Chavez became a leader who fought for rights of migrant works. Gloria Steinem became a voice of the women’s movement. 

These leaders were common folk like you and I, who, through their actions called out injustices for the under represented communities that they belonged to.

We are stepping into a new 60’s and a new era entirely. Human history has taught us that a leader or several leaders will emerge. We are afraid because we haven’t yet found our King, Chavez and Steinem, but they are among us.

Life has prepared the next generation of leader for the moments that are ahead of us, and they will emerge when they feel called to action by the pull of their heart, a feeling in their stomach or a repeated divine message. Pay attention to how you feel, this may be your calling or your purpose.

I still believe in the good of humanity. Light and love always wins.


Remember lead with love.

Love Always – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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