Mindful Monday #144 – Is Change Positive?

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with compassion and love.

Regardless of your personal depth of compassion and love, I hope you directed some of your compassion and love toward yourself.

We can only love and accept others to the degree that we love and accept ourselves.

I write a lot about letting go, surrender and change. When I write, I wonder to what degree will my words be misunderstood?

While I see change as positive, many people fear it for many reasons.

Change is a part of life and it is up to us to embrace the change that naturally shows up in our lives, relationships and ourselves.

Not all change we encounter is positive. I know both “change” and “positive” are subjective experiences. What is “change” for one person may not necessarily be “change” for someone else. What is “positive” for one person may not be “positive” for someone else.

Positive change expands our horizons, perspectives and beliefs and brings the individual toward deeper connectivity and understanding. Positive change comes from a place of love and openness.


Negative change hurts yourself or others. Negative change comes from a place of fear and lack.


As people who are humane, if the change we encounter or witness inflicts pain and suffering on another it is our responsibility to question and/ or challenge it with love.

This Mindful Monday assess the change that you are experiencing or seek within your life.


As you experience your week, ask yourself is the change that I seek or currently experience in the best and highest good for myself and others?

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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