Cast Out The Darkness

I feel on edge on a daily basis and that is not my norm. 

Someone tried to pick a fight with me online yesterday via Twitter. People like to hide behind handles.

I felt this individual wanted to be right and wouldn’t really hear me. I could verbally bitch slap and immobilize someone if I wanted to, but I choose not to. People have wounded me with words growing up and I chose since then to not wound another. So, I chose not to argue and let it be.  

When you argue with someone often times one or both of you are thinking about a counter argument. During this time, I see people trying to uphold their truth and way of life and they are afraid. Rarely do we try to understand or truly hear each other. Read between the lines of the rhetoric. It is unnerving how out of touch / unconscious some people are and what one will do to uphold their truth.

Everyone has a narrative that they carry in their mind. They build their life around that narrative by their actions and beliefs. They also attract into their life the people and situations that allow them to uphold that narrative.

The fight right now is between fears.

The narrative that is wanted and needed for equality and community support, which is what spirit and God want, is in the minds of some death to their narrative and way of life. The people who are spreading hate are fighting for their life “in their mind” like someone drowning fights for air. They are not in the space to rationalize how they are hurting others.

It bothers me that I didn’t speak up and argue back. So, I meditated and my answer can within the question: How can my light overshadow or cast out the darkness?

I feel may people are hurting and scared. Please make time for you and take care of yourself. Go out into nature, breathe, meditate, exercise or practice yoga, give space for your emotions, dance, journal, draw or do what you need that is not self destructive.

More tensions and frustrations are coming. We need to stay grounded so that we can think rationally on how we can peacefully counter darkness that is our current state. 

With deep Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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