Building the Case for Marriage

Last year was filled with many surprises. The themes that came up in my life were even more surprising, because some of them defined my year.

Marriage. One of the most charged words in the English language.

Everyone has an opinion and view on the topic. There are several images and ideas that are freely associated when we hear the word that has been socially constructed and redefined over many generations. It’s also heavily branded in our minds through pop culture since birth.

Thus, it’s been a fear of mine to write about the topic.

It was a surprise to me, when the topic of Marriage popped up in my life this past February 2016. It continued to surprise me as it showed up in the most unlikely places.

Through a personal love meditation I did last year, I realized I was ready for Marriage. What that means is that the fear around marriage most people have, I worked through and it dissolved. It was an exciting realization. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends, but I was working on location. I waited, patiently to tell them in person, because I knew they would be shocked with the news. The realization perplexed me since I was and am very single and currently not dating anyone.

Next, several women came into my life, and it seemed as though the universe almost petitioned for me to stay the course and stay single…for my own good and happiness.

One woman directly told me to stay single in May. While she assured me she was happy and loved her husband, she regretted her marriage. I did not know what to do with this information and so I did not share it to anyone until August.

Other women, through their stories of their marriage, now unhappy and drained by their husbands and family, indirectly built the case for me to stay single and far away from it.

Finally, there are some people close to me that assure me:

“you don’t know how good you’ve go it.”

So, where I currently stand?

I have proclaimed my stance on marriage to select friends. It’s been interesting to see their reactions and hear their arguments in support or against my view.

I will write about the moments and conversations that led to my stance in the next few Friday Posts. Stay tuned.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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