Mindful Monday #148 – Uncover Your Blessings

Life is no joke. For all it’s beauty there is ugliness. The ugly is often created by us or toward us. How we carry ourselves in our hardest moments speaks volumes to our character. 

My heart stopped on Friday. It felt like the wind was knocked out of me. I was blind sided and I felt my body immediately tense up. Tears filled, fueled by a deep sense of anger, filled my tear ducks. My arms were very subtly shaking because I felt so wronged.

Sometimes we experience things that our beyond our control. No matter how good, kind or moral we are, sometimes bad things happen and often they happen to good people.

I didn’t have time to think, only to act. Time slowed down. My mindfulness skill set naturally took charge and I surrendered to it. While feeling my emotions, I rationalized my thoughts and desire to say mean things out of my own pain, yet I knew that is not a love based action.

Next, I was then bombarded by people who hindered me, had the best of intentions, yet hindered me without knowing it. I felt their intention and I appreciated them in the moment. Although I was hurt, I remained the voice of reason as I spoke clearly and with grace.

I was betrayed. This is the second time that I have be here. It has made fresh an old wound. I spent the weekend like hermit, resting and aligning myself with spirit.

If it wasn’t for the heart stopping moment, I wouldn’t have been able to see all the blessings. I am growing.

My mindfulness skill set and improv skill set are really starting to benefit me beyond writing and creativity, and into my day to day life and in challenging moments where out animal instincts kick in.

My fight or flight instincts are now run by a higher consciousness and I am thankful to see this, even though I am still healing.

For today’s Mindful Monday, take a moment to find the blessing of one day, one hour or one minute.

Give thanks every time you uncover any of your blessings.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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