Mindful Monday #149 – People Crave Comfort

This past weekend I assisted my sister with a community workshop that she taught.

My little niece of 18 months was present too. She was content with her books and little cat stuffed animal that she loves. Overtime she became fussy, which was the combination of being tired and teething.

I took my niece outside to play, she loves to run, runs everywhere and of course ran. I playfully chased her and played peek-a-boo. Once she was calm, I brought her back inside and she began to cry and would not stop. I took her back outside, held her, comforted her and validated her feelings.

As I held her, at different times, two women came up to us and tried to comfort her too. I told my sister about both the kindness and concern of both women and she asked “why don’t we comfort strangers like we comfort children?”

I said, because as adults we assume that everyone knows how to cope, self soothe or comfort themselves, when in reality some people do not.

As we grow older, we imagine that everyone is at the same level of development or are as mature as we are, and that is simply not the case. Everything we know, was taught to us directly or indirectly.

Today and for the week, in thinking of our inner child and the inner child of the people we encounter, consider being more gentle and kind.


Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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