Wisdom #78 – How to Connect with Anyone

“People crave comfort, people crave connection, people crave community.” – Maurice Williamson

This weeks Mindful Monday quote has three great truths all of which are very timely.

My 18 month old niece cried continually this past weekend. As I tried to comfort her, 2 strangers, out of their own concern and kindness tried to comfort her too. At different ages, stages and times in our life we all need to be comforted.  We tend to be the kindest to children, but tell our fellow adults to fend for themselves in subtle and non-verbal ways.

If we saw everyone we encounter as their inner child we’d see someone who…

  • May be afraid
  • Is hurting in someway
  • Is questioning if they are loved
  • questioning if they are worthy
  • questioning if they are seen or heard
  • questioning if they belong
  • questioning if they can achieve their dream and make their mark

How would we interact with this person, from this perspective? How much kinder would we be? How much more comfort would we give to someone we may never see again?

We are wired to connect and live in community. While we have more communities and more ways to connect, we don’t quite know how to connect or how to be a true community. Many people at one time in their life or another feel alone and isolated. These feelings of isolation steam from a lot of factors some of which steam back to the needs of our inner child.

Today’s Wisdom Wednesday, from Soul Pancake, focus on a tool to you can use to connect with anyone through eye gazing. I have done eye gazing at different stages of my life and each experience I had helped me deepen my connection and create a deep bond to the group of individual. I always make it a point to look people in the eyes, but some people get uncomfortable with sustained eye contact. For some, sustained eye contact is too intimate and vulnerable.

Practice today’s wisdom and let me know about your experience and what you learned.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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