Mindful Monday #150 – Spring Clean Your Life to a New You

Spring is in the air!

Today is the Spring Equinox which marks the first official day of spring!

The new year is often seen as new beginnings, seasonally Spring is the new beginning. This season is associated with regrowth, resurrection and renewal.

Flowers are blooming and animals are coming out of hibernation. Easter, which occurs in Spring, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

From the Ayurveda dietary perspective, this season is the best season, to juice or cleanse, because it aligns with the season of renewal. Cleansing is a way to detox your body and rejuvenate it so that you health and digestion can be at their peak.

Spring also marks the physical shedding of heavy cloths that are designed to keep us warm. While like bears that come out of hibernation, we too are called to go out more and be out to enjoy the change of season from cold to cool.

Since I was a kid Spring was seen as a time for “spring cleaning” which is clearing the physical clutter of your life. For those of you who spring clean each year or plan to “spring clean” this season, consider spring cleaning your life.

Here are a few ideas to Spring Clean Your Life.

Set an Intention Each Day. You can set an intention per day, week, or month. The intention can focus an activity like talking a walk each day. Or it can focus on a thought, I intend to be happy each day. Whatever you choose the intention can be a way to reset each day and refocus to lead to personal growth.

Meditate Daily. Meditation has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress. It also helps people sleep better and focus. Meditation has been a game changer in my life. Like anything in life, you can only get better though practice. Some alone time to quiet your mind, will be time well spent, and before you know it you will be a pro in no time!

Try Something New. I am the queen of finding amazing one day or weekend classes. You can take a one day cooking class. There are also many wine and paint companies popping up in many cities. Now there are wine an plant classes too, where you can make a plant arrangement. Look at your local art museum to see if they offer any courses or lectures. There are often free classes or lectures at your local library. Community colleges also offer extended learning classes. If you are a yoga buff, your local yoga studio may also have fun workshop ideas from self defense, to community circles, nutrition or sound baths.

Connect in Community. The more connected we get via phone, email and social media, the more it feels that we are disconnected in life. Now, more then ever we need to go back to the community structures of our ancestors and be true neighbors to each other versus strangers. Taking a class offers a great way to meet new people who have similar interests. Joining a spring softball, kickball and basketball community team is also another way to connect with people like we did when we were kids on a school playground.

If any of my suggestions are to bold or won’t work in your schedule, and you insist on spring cleaning your home here is a fun alternative ideas.

Feng Shui Your Home. There are a lot of youtube courses on ways to fengu shui any room in your home.

Rearrange furniture. If you don’t want to do extensive reading on feng shui, simply moving your furniture around can help give your home a different feel. Since we spend a lot of time at home, we should enjoy the feel of our homes and make sure that we create a space that is cozy and warm to us.

Sage your home. Saging is a spiritual practice that uses the smoke from burning sage, which is the element of air, to cleanse a room or home. This practice is seen as both cleansing and purifying.

You may have more ideas of different ways you can spring clean this season, please them them with me!

Today’s Mindful Monday thought for the season:

Instead of spring cleaning your home, try spring cleaning your life. What in your life needs a new perspective or new energy? Meditate on it and let me know what you discover.

Love – Stephanie XO

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you! I tried to make a list that is outside the usual suggestions, ones that have worked for me and have brought light, love and new energy into my life. I hope your spring has started off well.

  2. candidkay says:

    I love all of these suggestions and have done quite a few of these activities over the past several months. Amazing how moving things (physical or otherwise) keeps the energy moving!

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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