Mindful Monday #151 – Slay Your Own Dragons

There are certain friends that I talk to exclusively or in depth about some subjects, that I rarely or never touch on with other friends.

This particular friend and I talked a lot about career, relationships and singlehood. (She is one of the few friends I talk to extensively about my career, because she works in my same industry and understands how it functions.)

One night, as we caught up over dinner she gave me perspective that I never realized, and have not thought about until recently.

She mentioned that one of her friends has never known what it’s like to live alone. Her friend married her husband out of college.

My friend and her friend could not imagine what life would be like on the other side, in each other’s shoes.

“Don’t you get scared living on your own?” Her friend asked.

“No.” My friend replied, dumbfounded. The thought never crossed her mind.

She has built a lifestyle that most single women build, to always be alert and mindful of the apartment you rent or the house you buy, the time of day you work out or go shopping, who you spend your time with to your overall surroundings.

“She’s never had to kill a bug. Get her oil changed. Or repair something in her house that is broken. I have done all those things”. I’ve done all these things too, I thought to myself.

I’ve grown so accustomed to being on my own and doing all the things that comes with it, that I overlooked it.

This week’s Mindful Monday, while it’s aimed at women, is valuable for everyone.

Every woman, if she can afford it, should live alone for six months or more. In that space, you will be confronted with your strengths, fears, weaknesses and areas of future growth.

In this process, you learn that you can slay your own dragonsNo one can take that wisdom and strength from you, once you become aware of it.

What dragons exist in your life that need to be slayed?


Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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