Wisdom #80 – What We Get Wrong About Love

I did my best to avoid writing about the subject of marriage, but I knew I had to write about it.

The Universe inundates you on a subject when it wants to have a conversation with you about the subject.

Often we avoid examining or discussing these subjects because they are surrounded by fear, pain or a truth we don’t feel ready to know. The conversations that we need to have are often areas of our lives where we need to grow more or mature more or change our thoughts or habits because its hinders us in some way.

Life does not invite us into a conversation until it knows we are ready for it, which is often before we realize we are ready for it.

Once I set the intention to write about marriage, it felt natural for me to meditate on the subject. Everywhere I turned wisdom on love, relationships and marriage appeared. The wisdom that appeared differed from the more accepted views and knowledge on the subject.

It is not my intention to change your opinions on love, marriage or relationships. I just want to invite you to expand your thoughts and understanding on them if not for you, for someone you encounter that is different from you.

We can only understand someone else, when we actually try to understand them and their perspective.

Today’s Wisdom is thought provoking. Jay Shetty examines love and redefines the classic meaning of it. Is love a noun or a verb?

Centering Thought: What are examples of love in my life?

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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