Mindful Monday #152 – See Into Life

I started a new project on Friday which I am excited about. After a 10hr workday, I traveled home, overnight for 6 hours, with Brother Teddy.

Today, my sister, the doc student, will defend her dissertation this afternoon. The 6 hour trip and lack of sleep is all worth it. It’s important to me to be present for this milestone for my sister and our family.

The drive allowed for conversations to occur which set the tone for the weekend. On a whim I met up with a spiritual mentor which lead two conversations with two different advisors. All provided me with wisdom and new ways to approach my life and goals. From the car trip to the advisors, I have a lot to think about in terms of my goals and target dates.

The universe always provides what is needed when you need it, yet I am alway pleasantly surprised each time it occurs.

For awhile I have noticed that my spiritual knowledge and mindfulness practice have elevated beyond beginner to intermediate in some areas and advanced in others. I have been seeking more specific classes to get the trainings that I desire, but they are challenging to find. What I realized this weekend and have realized before is that wisdom provided to me through others I usually already know deep down. While my intuition is growing, I have a tendcy to question it when comes from my own knowing. I have a good relationship with my intuition and spirit and I must trust both. I need to stop the hesitation and stop doubting myself. This has been my on going challenge since I was a kid and I know the root cause.

Today’s Mindful Monday focuses on the deeper wisdom in each exchange and moment we experience. In everything remember to find the deeper meaning.

Love – Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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