Wisdom Wednesday #82 – If Romantic Comedies Were Real

It’s Wednesday! I came across todays Wisdom during my marriage meditation. That meditation was eyeing because of the wisdom that showed up everywhere I turned. Today’s wisdom popped up during that specific meditation and it was just by chance that I saw it.

Growing up, women over men are raised to believe in fairy tales. One day prince charming will come and then their life will begin, without considering the life they lived and are living until that moment arrives. Or the happiness they have will be deepened with romantic love, rather than focusing on embracing the moment here and now. The women are often in situations where they need to be rescued and it perpetuates the idea that women are delicate and need to be fought for and protected.

Women are strong and powerful in their own right and it would be amazing to see both men and women accessing all of who they are versus suppressing aspects of themselves to fit into what’s culturally appropriate.

We are culturally in a place, where gender roles are challenged even more. Gender roles really started to be more widely challenged in the 60’s but current generations are carrying the torch of possibilities for themselves and their children.

The moment of truth in most romantic comedies is often the moment many women long for in the romantic lives, when a man professes their love for the main female character. However, we don’t really raise men and women to fully relate to each other in healthy ways, which would lead to healthier relationships.

Today’s wisdom titled “If Romantic Comedies Were Real” by Ross Everett, examines those moments and grounds the female characters to think of the bigger picture versus the idea that many women are raised to believe and so often long for even if they are already in a committed relationship.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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