Mindful Monday #156 – Get Back to the Truth

Each time I invite open wisdom from abstract subjects like love, marriage and now the voice, I am amazed and changed by what is revealed to me. Earlier this month I asked the voice to “Tell me what I don’t know about you.” I didn’t seek to be proven right or proven wrong, I simply ask with a child-like…

Power Thought #1 – Honor Your Strength and Power

I meditated this morning, for the first time in months. I had forgotten how powerful intentional moments of silence is when it’s practiced. In a few weeks my friend and I will teach a yoga and meditation workshop on the throat chakra. In preparation, I opened up an ongoing meditation or in my case a dialogue with the…

Mindful Monday #155 – Spontaneity

Take a breath. Breathe in life into your diaphragm. Allow it to move any stale, stagnant energy in your body. Imagining your breath transforming into love and light, as you exhale slowly. Breath in again. Notice any shifts, either macro or micro, in your body or mind. Exhale. Repeat as needed. Has your breath or body shifted…

Take a Step Back

Each fall and spring I look forward to working with at-risk teens through an arts non-profit. This program is a highlight of the season. I have been working with the group for three years. This year I decided to step back. This past fall I worked on one of the most demanding, stressful and challenging movies….

Mindful Monday #154 – The Less Attached You Are

Happy Monday! It’s great to be back with a Monday post. The past two weeks of work have been hectic, which spilled into my weekend with much needed rest. What emerged during that time were freeing realizations. I reached a new level of letting go, that I never thought was possible, because I didn’t know this division could exist….