Mindful Monday #154 – The Less Attached You Are

Happy Monday! It’s great to be back with a Monday post.

The past two weeks of work have been hectic, which spilled into my weekend with much needed rest.

What emerged during that time were freeing realizations. I reached a new level of letting go, that I never thought was possible, because I didn’t know this division could exist.

It’s easier to let go of relationships that are toxic or dead. It’s more challenging to let go of relationships that while good, are not fully aligned with you. Letting go at this level, is more about giving the relationship space to evolve as it needs to, without feeling the need to hold on to what the relationships used to be.

The new level I reached was letting go of all things LA, LA as my home, the work that I do and the relationships that I have here. I’ve made the best friendships that speak to who I am here. A lot of those friends have moved across the country. I still have a good group of friends here, but our lives are busy, so we don’t see each other often.

I realized last week that I let go of my attachment to these relationships. I no longer believe that I will only have these relationships here nor that I need to stay to maintain them. I know that the relationships that I need throughout my life will emerge or circle back to me when life calls for it.

This realization is freeing because as I get closer to my bigger picture, I am seeing my life for a short time being mobile. I no longer feel attached to Los Angeles. I no longer feel attached to the work that I do, while I work towards the work that matters to me. I am free.

For your consideration on this Monday and every moment of your life going forward, think about what attachment you can let go of just a little bit to give you even more space to be.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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