Power Thought #1 – Honor Your Strength and Power

I meditated this morning, for the first time in months. I had forgotten how powerful intentional moments of silence is when it’s practiced.

In a few weeks my friend and I will teach a yoga and meditation workshop on the throat chakra. In preparation, I opened up an ongoing meditation or in my case a dialogue with the voice.

  • I asked the voice to teach me what I don’t know.
  • Show me how society misuses it’s voice.
  • Show me how society can strengthen it’s voice.

This is the wisdom that has already emerged from thinking about our societies struggle.

Society is currently in conflict among what we “have been” and what we need to be so that we can be a true unified community. A community that not only creates space for all but honors everyones place at the table equally. There is no one above or below anyone at this table that is our potential.

The protest from both sides, which are so polar, is a display of the internal conflicts men, women and various cultural and co-cultural groups of people have which has existed throughout human history.

This aggravation, irritation, mud, muck, quick sand, fear, struggle, challenge that we walk in together, even if it is currently not in unity, will continue until we learn how to communicate effectively, listen with a open heart and honor what can emerge from us if we honor the teachings that darkness, struggle and challenge provide.

You are stronger and more powerful than society may raise you to believe, but is a deeper knowing that is calling you to emerge into your light, strength and power.

The power we see often exerted in life is filtered through the flawed ego that needs to prove to others what it feels it lacks. The deep power that I speak of, is a power we are all born with which is spiritual, filled with light and already whole.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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