Mindful Monday #156 – Get Back to the Truth

Each time I invite open wisdom from abstract subjects like love, marriage and now the voice, I am amazed and changed by what is revealed to me.

Earlier this month I asked the voice to “Tell me what I don’t know about you.”

I didn’t seek to be proven right or proven wrong, I simply ask with a child-like curiosity. My heart is open and I am open to receive the answers to my question.

Each time, I am given new eyes and a new perspective on how I see the world.

During a time in our life when there is so much passion and many ideas, we find groups of people that are for one idea or against another. So many words are being thrown around to silence or misdirect people or even demonize people or ideas.

Words can be up lifting and they can be very damaging. Most of our struggles in adulthood, are the result of the things people have told us about who we are or who we are not at different points of our lives.

Most of the words that we hear these day not only in our personal lives, but on tv and especially through social media are very damaging.

Are we as a people living as the best version of ourselves?

We need to step back into the truth. Our individual truth. If you’ve never been your true self or spoken your truth, I invite you to go inward to your own self exploration and healing.

There is a spiritualist saying that goes “As without, so within.”

The turmoil that we see on a national scale, is the inner battle we fight on a daily basis. We will live in this space as a people, until we deal with out own individual baggage. We can not run away from ourselves. We can not run away from the truth.

The truth always comes out in time.

When you dig deep within yourself, know who you are and what you believe, not what you are told to believe, your world changes. Compassion starts to be our way and the ways in which we use our words shift.

On this Mindful Monday ask yourself – Where in my life can I be more truthful?

Love, Stephanie – XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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