Mindful Monday #159 – Reboot

My cell phone camera stopped working this weekend. I didn’t know it stopped working, until I was at an event, that I looked forward to and wanted to document.

The next morning, I tried everything to get my phone working, yet it continued to malfunction. Finally, I reached the last restort, REBOOT.  Not just any reboot, a factory settings reboot. Even with my data backed up, I wasn’t excited to erases all data and settings.

It took almost three hours to trouble shoot the phone. I had to reboot it twice. I grew very frustrated which added to frustration that I have been carrying with me on various aspects of my life from relationships to work to my calling. I’ve been feeling stagnant and it’s wearing on me. Having challenging experiences at work really hurt my spirit a bit too.

I surrendered to what I was feeling and allowed myself to let go and express my emotions. I talked out to myself all my frustrations, in the process my intuition kicked in to balance the perspective I had.

“You are not stagnant. When you have time you are taking steps towards your goals. You are making progress and the progress is within.”


This theme has come up often for me this year. It popped up as early as February and continues to pop up everywhere I look. I feel life is getting me mentally ready for a major shift or reboot that is on the horizon. In March, I started to warm up to an idea of a self reboot by taking steps to radically change my life and I am planning the rest of my year around that major change or shift.

In order for shift to happen you have to be willing purge anything and everything that may hinder you or creates an obstacle from your goals.

Like my phone, this reboot feels like a last resort. It is just what I need. My path has built me strong to take bolder steps and I fill called to take this bold step because it will shift the energy in my life.

Reboots can be tricky. Some time life drops them on you, specifically if you are resistant to change. In other cases, it will work in conjunction with you, if you invite the change into your life. Change isn’t bad. It just adjusts perspective and energy to create movement, new energy and new opportunity.

Today be mindful of the energy in yourself, your life and your relationships.

Where is there stagnant/ stale energy? Is there any part of your life or yourself that is calling for a reboot? Most importantly, are you willing to answer the call?

Love -Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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