Mindful Monday #160 – Community Will Emerge

This year has been filled with unpleasant surprises.

I’ve been lucky and I truly mean that with no sarcasm. These upsets and disappointments have been gradual. It hasn’t been all at once. One ends, then another begins. I’ve been able to have mini breathers in between.

Being uncomfortable, while it’s uncomfortable, it’s a gift. A lot of our comforts in our lives can feel so comfortable and so “normal” for us that we forget they are present in our lives  and over time we take them for granted.

It’s only when we loose something we had, that we are reminded of what was lost or how much that something was of value to us.

In this case though, these unpleasant situations showed me how parts of myself have matured. I choose to live a life free of drama and walk away from drama filled people. However, drama can show up at any time in our lives and we need to be able to handle ourselves under those times.

On this journey, really deeply wanting to help and heal others, being shown where the needs are has been overwhelming.

As an idea, you can stop where you are. Look to your left, look to your right and look in the mirror. Steps from your home, work or even a block from where you are there is someone who needs a hug, direction, support, love or to heard.

My fall three weeks ago, brought things into prospective and community has been on my mind since. I’ve asserted that true community doesn’t exist anymore, that it’s a word that has a definition that is simply a concept at this day and age. Then an upset showed up.

This upset more personal than the last one (when I fell). Through this upset, kindness, love and community emerged. It was heart warming to experience and it showed me what I needed to remember.

Their is more kindness in the world than we sometimes see or feel. People don’t always lead with it.

For today’s Mindful Monday,  I invite you to meditate on the following :

Think of a time in your life, when a community emerged for you to support you through a challenging time. Think of a time when you emerged as a community for someone else. What prompted you to step up as a community for someone else? Would you do it again? If a community hasn’t emerged from you, what is possibly blocking you from that community?

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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