Mindful Meditation #163 – Love them Just As They Are

I went to the Museum of Broken Relationships on a whim.

The museum as described by the museum itself “is a global crowd-sourced project.” It has permanent museums in Los Angeles and Zagreb, Croatia. This museum has traveling exhibits that have been all over the world. People send in artifacts/ relics from their broken relationship ranging from divorce to an ended relationship to a breakup with an idea or a habit.

If I were to make a museum it would be a museum like this one. One theme that I write about often, is how we are more similar then we are different. This museum beautifully shows how similar we are without being on the nose about it. This understanding emerges as you read the story behind the artifact.

Each artifact is accompanied by the story behind the item, written anonymously by the person who sent in the item. It’s touching to see the heartfelt things we do when in love and the thought we put into unique, handmade or custom designed gifts. It was bitter-sweet to know as I read these stories that this relationship ended.

Here is an artifact from the museum with it’s story.


As a result of my experience at this museum there is so much I want to write. This museum opened the door to the theme that emerged this weekend: relationships. Upon a mini reflection, as the result of the museum, I realized I have never meditated on relationships. I feel relationships want me to provide it the same space I have provided to love and marriage.

If you have doubt or see a red flag in your relationship explore it. Is it rooted in fear, are you rushing steps, forcing the relationship or settling?

Some time people couple up at the fear of being alone. Others couple up and hope they can change their partner. It is important to love your partner for who they truly are here and now. If you love who they aspire to be or who you want them to be let them go.

We all deserve to be loved as we are, not a projection of us or an idea of us, the real us.

Today’s meditating thought for the week comes from the Mastery of Love.


Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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