Mindful Monday #164 – Go Towards the Wound

I don’t know where to begin?

I keep meditating on the events of the weekend. I could hear my friends pain, fear and anger in their facebook posts. My first meditation was posted on my personal facebook page.  I called for my friends to be mindful of their words and actions.

Pain and fear can get us to say things that we typically wouldn’t say if we were at a better emotional place.

You can’t beat fire with fire, it just creates a bigger fire. 

If you are angry, be angry. Express it with words to yourself out loud. Talk to a friend. Journal. Hit a pillow if you need to or scream out loud, but please be mindful of how you interact with everyone you encounter. Fighting back just creates more fear and space for a counter fight. 

How can we change this? Every time I asked that question, I felt like I was encountering walls on the hearts of the people who feel justified to look down on and harm others. People can change, I thought to myself, but some people are not in a place to listen.

We need a unifying leader and we need one now.

Instead of waiting for a leader, be a leader.

We can’t wait for a leader. We each need to be a leader and be empowered that we have a gift that we can ofter the larger community.

We must create space for each other, but how?

Since I was trained in a specific form of facilitation, some of what I learned was to “go towards the wound.” The thought made me cringe because of the challenge it poses. The next thought, “the only way is through.” All I have learned from my own inner healing, was to face the storm directly. We all must face the storm directly.

In order for us to see real change, we need to heal the wounds of our community, our friends, loved ones and ourselves. It’s the only true way. 

To heal those wounds we have to address them, really talk about them (not talk around them) and really listen to eachother (not listen to retort).

Not acknowledging the systemic and historical roots of the situations we face as a country doesn’t solve anything. To understand how we got here, we need to go backwards and really look at our history. Then we need to think of how to respond differently, because the way we have responded (or not responded) has not worked.

A lot of our societies woes are because people don’t know where to start or where to begin.

Begin here. Begin small. But please begin.

With deep love – Stephanie XO XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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