I’m Thankful for: Courage

Somewhere within in me is a fear to speak at this time.

A lot of wounds have been open this year at a very large public scale in both our country and the world.

Many of us may be treading lightly to avoid inviting conflict and/or inflicting pain on ourselves and others.

You may feel lost or confused. I am trying to make sense of everything too.

In July, I decided to step forward as a leader to create space for others to be seen and heard with authentic communication through a practice called Council.

I am all in, since I stepped into this role. I am researching, reading, studying, meditating and doing my best to lead with the principals of Council not only in the circle, but outside it too.

One of the wisdoms of Council is “does what I say serve me, the circle, the whole?”

I don’t want this blog to be a reiteration of what has already been said. To a large degree, I feel that my vulnerable, authentic approach to my communication has kept me honest and provides a new perspective. I also feel my blog aligns with the love and wisdom of spirit.

While today is Monday, a day I have designated to be about mantra’s and motivation, I don’t feel called to do that today.

I want to start the week off with gratitude.

I still work in the entertainment industry. I have talked about my desire to leave it mostly because it’s a demanding industry and it is no longer my passion.

I’ve been following the news closely because of the Weinstein scandal, the numbers of women that are coming forward and a culture that kept it silent.

As a person, a woman, and someone who has worked with at-risk teen girls many of which that were sexually abused, I am thankful for the courage of these women. Through their courage, they created space for others to come forward. Through their actions, they provide courage to other women and girls that have had similar experiences to speak their truth too. It’s through speaking this truth that a women, man, boy or girl that may be suffering at this moment, know that they are not alone and it’s not their fault.

While we may be experiencing an over load of uncomfortable truths, I want to live in a world where leading with the truth is the norm.

Speaking truth to your story, takes back the power that you felt you may have lost in moments that crippled you and provides a possibility for others to do the same.

There is so much courage I have witnessed this year not only in Council, but on a public scale. Today, I am thankful for courage. 

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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