Mindful Monday #167 – Waiting on an Answer

I have been waiting on “The Sign” of what to do next for over a year.

I have been on a journey of deep healing, each step of the way more and more needed healing emerged. Through facing what needed healing, I gained a deeper connection and understanding of the Universe.

Now that I am healed, complete and empowered, I want to give back. For the past year, I have meditated on “What’s next?” No clear answer has emerged, only fog or something that I can not fully grasp.

Yet, I’ve encountered time constraints, drained energy and physical health concerns. All three are a pattern in my life that I am doing my best to break. I have focused on each concern individually and I am working on each separately.

Two weekends ago, I went to a Yoga Chakra retreat. At the retreat I was asked to write down any obstacle that is keeping me from what I want. The three things I mentioned came to mind and I wrote them down. Next, I decided to write an explanation for each. After I wrote the final explanation, “the answer” emerged.

All three of my obstacles put together point to my next step. 

Sometimes the answer you are looking for isn’t one large answer, but the summation of several smaller answers.

For this week, explore what answer or answers may be present in your life. Are you overlooking or over thinking your next step or an aspect of your life?

Love – Stephanie XO


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