Mindful Monday #171 – Don’t Lose Your Zest

2017 was filled with several challenges.

I wrote vaguely about some of these challenges in a few posts, others I kept private and shared with a handful of friends. I was given a breath before each challenge and I am thankful for each breath I was given.

I didn’t have a lot of energy or time to be everything to everybody. I stopped being that a few years ago. I needed to preserve my well for myself and my own healing and restoration.

Since women are socialized to feel guilty for focusing some or all of their energy on themselves, I want to note that my words are not filled with guilt or shame, they are simply my truth.

The challenges I faced in many ways involved my survival and livelihood, which did not allow for a lot of writing. I spent many weekends close to home in rest and meditation. Beauty unfolded in this space.

I had very profound realizations which shaped the end of last year and set the foundation and tone for this year. In my reemergence, I have reconnected with people from my past and the words that come to mind is that Adulthood is challenging. We must remember this truth before we are hard on ourselves for any struggle we may face in our future or face in this moment.

Through all my struggles, I still see so much possibility for my life, my career and my future. I still dream, vision, believe and I still have hope.

It’s hard to reconnect with people from my past, because I see how much they are hurting, lost or are unsure, settling or giving up. All I can do is love them and hold them in light. This is the most challenging truth I have faced in my mindfulness practice. It’s one that I learned as a girl, and it is not easier with age. I see people in Gods light i.e. in their potential/ possibility with out the grip of fear and ego holding them down.

Since we are still in the first month of the new year, focus today, this week and the remainder of the month on the following:

Do Not Lose Your Zest.

Keep your energy and playfulness, keep on dreaming, hoping, believing and loving. Above all, believe in the your possibilities, as I believe in them for you.

With Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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