Lessons from Love

Happy Sunday!

We are now four days into February.

For a long time I would dread this month and I hated Valentine’s Day because it reminded me of my aloneness. Back then, I only felt truly lonely on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t know when I transmuted that loneliness? Perhaps it was when I realized that I was going to be okay if I never got married or had kids. Or many it’s how deeply I love my life and myself? Either way, I now look forward to this month because I spend it in meditation.

For the past three years I have meditated on love. The first year I meditated for a week at a time on four types of love: romantic, platonic, family and self-love. The second year, I asked love to show me what I did not know about it. As a result of that meditation, marriage showed up, and wanted to have a conversation with me. After resisting it for 7 months, I surrendered to it and meditated on it. Those meditations led me to write about the social construction of marriage last February.

This year I am back to love, but with a purpose.

This meditation is the most ambitious. I am asking love to tell me what it wants people to know about love and attachment. I am posting a wisdom a day on instagram (@steffyflores3) and I am keeping it honest. Plus, I meditate on the wisdom of the day and write about it in the comments.

Each wisdom stands on it’s own. There are a few wisdoms that at first glance are simple to understand, but when you sit with it, the more truths you unpack. If this meditation interests you and you have instagram, consider following the meditation.


These meditations on love have changed me. The very first meditation led me to accept that some of my friendships had gone stale or cold. Looking back, what I learned from that meditation, set the foundation for this past year with a few realizations that I had. This is part of a secret that I want to share with you, that I have mentioned a few times. It’s not about romantic love. It is a lot about self love and belief in self and all the ways my life has changed and will change because of my acceptance and actions.

If you don’t follow me on instagram, may your month be filled with pure unconditional love. If you struggle with love or healing, may you allow love into your heart, sit with it and let it heal you so you can love again.

With Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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