Wisdom Wednesday #86 – The Dangers of Closing Your Heart

“You can only accept the love outside of you, at the level you accept it within yourself.” – Kyle Cease

In 2016, I was worked on 2nd Unit for the feature film Jason Bourne.

During production of that movie, I lived in a casino in Las Vegas for two months. There is nothing glamorous about living on the strip or in a casino for that amount of time. It’s pure illusion. It’s worse when the entire portion of our shoot took place at night. Tired, we’d arrive back to the casino in the early morning, to a busy lobby filled with vacationers. It wears on you.

That space, however did a lot of good for me. During that time I realized that Los Angeles was my home, I did my meditation on love that brought me a deep sense of happiness that never left and I found my well of love within. I flew home for a weekend to attended Evolving Out Loud (EOL) lead by Kyle Cease.

Kyle Cease is a comedian. When he was at the top of his career, he left comedy because he was depressed and was not in alignment with the business. After doing soul searching and inner healing he resurfaced as a transformational comedian. He discovered that his passion was to make people laugh, plus he also wanted to help people grow in the process.

I came across an ad for his event on Facebook, and felt called to attend his January 2016. After that event I attended two more weekend events that year. Each time, my awareness deepened all the wisdom I gained over the years. The people that I met in that space, I still keep in contact with today.

Today’s wisdom you may need to listen to a few times because there is so much deep wisdom. Some of the wisdom you may grasp right away, some of the wisdom you may need to sit with.

In this clip, Kyle talks about the dangers of closing your heart. He states that “Opening your heart is the most protective thing you can do.” He goes on to state that “You’ll be divinely protected if you open your heart.” Both his claims, I know may make people squirm, but in all the vulnerability work I’ve done and through my work as a Council facilitator, I can personally say that he is correct.

Please let me know if any of his wisdom resonates with you. Or if any of it feels uncomfortable.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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