Wisdom Wednesday #87 – The Person You Should Really Marry

“I married everyone in sight except the one person I needed to marry to have a great relationship.” – Tracy McMillan

It’s Wednesday and Valentine’s and boy do I have a wisdom for you! This is one of the best wisdoms that emerged when I meditated on marriage last year. That meditation brought so much wisdom to me. This particular wisdom stuck out in my mind since I saw it about a year ago.

Today’s wisdom comes from Tracy McMillan, an author and a relationship expert. I first learned about her when I watched the reality show Ready for Love. The show was cancelled after three episodes, but continued on Hulu. Tracy was one of three dating experts, who coached women into working through their blocks around love, dating and relationships.

At three different times last year, three different women, a tarot reader, a psychic and a medium all told me I was going to meet my soulmate. I never asked any of these women about love, they just offered the wisdom to me. Last September, I saw a Shaman as a birthday gift to myself. She did a journey and tarot reading for me. During the tarot reading she pulled an infinity card. She said that to her, the card meant that I was marrying myself, which to me meant that I embraced my shadow self (which I worked on).

I mentioned that because, Tracy believes that before you marry another, you need to marry yourself first. She has been divorced three times and even though that is her past, she states that “[t]he places where you have the biggest challenges in your life become the biggest places where you have the most to give, if you do the inner work.”

For today’s Wisdom Wednesday, take a moment for yourself. Turn off your phone, close the door to your office and listen to her advice about The Person You Really Need to Marry.


Love – Stephanie XO

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