Mindful Monday #173 – Life’s Little Upsets

Happy Monday! This weekend I planned to go to a sacred storytelling event. I was so excited!

Sacred storytelling is like the Moth, but on the theme of spirituality. I have never been to one of these events which made me even more excited. As part of the event, holistic and wellness vendors were going to be there. I was looking forward to stepping into this community, meeting new people and learning new things.

As I was less than a minute away from the venue, I was in a fender bender. With that incident, a series of obstacles unfolded. All of which required patience and time. As the night progressed I decided to pass on the event, because I just wanted to be home.

All the waiting brought me to continually touch on the thought, the universe really didn’t want me to go to that event. Once I finally got home, I told brother Teddy my thought and he said something to the extent of: you don’t know what the redirection was protecting you from. 

Perhaps there was someone at the event that I am not meant to meet yet. Or someone that I am not supposed to meet at all. Or maybe something might have happened at the event or after the event that may have been worse then what I already experienced.

Part of trusting life is taking everything as it comes. Counting your blessing, even in challenging moments and trusting, fully that even life’s upsets may also be in your highest good.

Love – Stephanie XO