Wisdom Wednesday #86 – What Does Love Look Like?

It’s Wednesday, February 28th and the last day of my Love and Attachment Meditation, which was exclusive to Instagram.

I am both excited and a little sad that this is the end of this meditation series. When I set out to meditate daily on Love and Attachment, I was unsure. Could I meditate on this topic daily? Will wisdom emerge daily? Will the wisdom be something new and fresh?

None of my mediations were planned. Everything I posted, emerged the morning or the day that I mediated on it. I would then meditate on the wisdom and write about it.

Of all the Love meditations I have done, this particular series of meditations was by far my favorite. I feel profoundly changed by this mediation, even more then previous meditations that I have done on love. Inviting attachment to the table in relationship to love brought a whole new perspective.

We need to talk about attachment more because it really can hinder our ability to love, let go be and accept life as it flows.

In gratitude to the Universe/ Spirit/ Divine/ God / Love, this post is dedicated to both Love and Attachment for showing up and providing much needed wisdom.

It was humbling to be the space for this wisdom, see the comments on each post and specifically the private messages I got about the impact the post where having on some people.

Today’s wisdom comes from you or people like you and I, who show examples of what love looks like in their life. It’s heart warming and a tissue may be needed.

With Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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