30 Days of Prayer

It’s March! The year is flying. This may be the fastest year I have ever experienced.

I really enjoyed my Love and Attachment meditation last month. I have so much joy in my heart from it, sitting with love was amazing and understanding it deeper is everything.

I am proud of that meditation. I felt I was of service during the entire series. I had the flu for five days, last month, and still woke up and mediated because of my commitment to you, to Love and Attachment, the meditation and the community.

Last month, an idea popped into my mind. It’s a thought I had before, but it was one that I silenced and brushed aside. I have a lot of fear around it.

The thought: Pray.  My response: Me? Eh? Am I qualified?

I didn’t feel like I was good enough at praying to offer prayer to others, when I had the thought last year. I was judging my ability to pray, which I know is crazy, but it happened. It felt very vulnerable to me and also bigger than me. This year is different.

I feel empowered and inspired by love and I want to continue to be of service.

For the month of April, I will do 30 Days of Prayer & Meditation. A prayer will be randomly selected each day. I will meditate on the topic, pray and possibly write about what comes up in the meditation or create a mantra.

You can ask for a prayer for you or a loved one, the community, a social issue, a topic like world peace, the environment, communication etc.

If this is something that interest you, you can SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST HERE: https://illuminatedvoice.com/30-days-of-prayer/

Prayer and Meditation will begin on Monday, April 1st.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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